Canada and Latin America

  • With the exception of Canada, the U.S. hemispheric neighbors have low to moderate development.

  • Cuba's economy has been hurt after the collapse of the Soviet bloc. Nevertheless, Cuba continues to outperform many of its more prosperous Latin neighbors in indices of health care and education. There is a growing sentiment toward normalizing relations between Cuba and the U.S..

  • After the emergence of a communist government in Cuba, the U.S. has actively opposed unfriendly governments elsewhere. The U.S. appears to have assisted a military coup to oust the elected President Salvador Allende of Chile. The U.S. funded rebels who opposed the Sandanista Nicaraugan government. The U.S. has also helped Latin governments put down leftist rebellions. The current Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez presently concerns the U.S. primarily because of his populist policies and his friendship with Fidel Castro.